5 Benefits of Personalized Group Training When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of options out there. Today, I am going to focus on personalized group training.When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of options out there. You can workout on your own or attend group exercise classes. You could also work one on one with a trainer or do personalized group training. There are benefits to all of these of course because no matter what you are exercising. But there are many different factors that play a part as to which you will choose and what will work for you. I could go over in detail which each of these options entails. But I am sure you can figure out all of their pros and cons for the most part. What I would like to focus on today though, is personalized group training.

Personalized Group Training 

So first off, you might be wondering what exactly is personalized group training? This is different from group fitness classes because it is a small group of people (3-5) working with a personal trainer. Generally, the group of people know each other and have hired the personal trainer on their own to train them together. As you can imagine, when this occurs there can be many benefits that you cannot get with the other exercise options. So here are my top 5 benefits for personalized group training!

1. It is more cost effective.  Individual personal training does not fit into everyone’s budget but when you have a group of people with one personal trainer, then the rate drops for each person. So you still get the feel of a personal trainer but with a lower cost!

2. Motivation increases.  Who isn’t motivated by working out with other people, especially friends! When you are in a group, you are more apt to work harder. Working out with friends will enhance the experience. Also, when you are with people you enjoy being around then you will look forward to it!

3. Built-in support and accountability. On that note, if you know people are depending on you being there, then you are going to show up. If not for yourself, but for them! Your support system also increases. Now you have the support of not only the trainer but your group members as well.

4. Increased focus on your goals. One of the benefits of having a trainer is that the workouts are geared specifically to your goals. When you workout in a group, this is no different. Even if your goals are different from the other group members, the group is small enough that the trainer can still incorporate moves to fit everyone’s needs.

5. Variety. When you work with a trainer, your workout will evolve and change as you and your group members fitness level increases. This will not only keep the workouts exciting but also help to prevent you from hitting a plateau.

When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of options out there. Today, I am going to focus on personalized group training.

Group Training is Fun!

If you weren’t sure about personalized group training, I hope now you have a clearer idea about what it is and how it could be different and beneficial! So grab a couple of your friends and get started! You can click here to check out my January group training specials!

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