Why Black Friday is Crucial I hate black Friday shopping. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but I am not a fan. I had never gone Black Friday shopping until I married my husband and began going with the women in his family. When my daughters were born, of course, they always came along. So they have been going black Friday shopping their entire lives. This year, when we didn’t have plans to go, my 8-year-old, Ellie, was disappointed and begged me to take her. After hours of begging, I finally caved and agreed to take her, but only to a couple stores. My 4-year-old did not want to go, so Ellie and I went, just her and I.

I can’t say I was disappointed that my 4-year-old didn’t want to go. This would make it a lot easier and quicker! The entire way to the mall, Ellie was a chatty Cathy, it was clear she was super excited, and I have to admit, it was really cute.

The mall was super crazy with people everywhere. Ellie was really good at staying close to me and holding my hand the entire time without me even having to tell her. In fact, when we weren’t holding hands, she was always reaching for it. Ellie and I went to our two designated stores and were pretty successful, I must say. Two things that stuck out in my mind from our trip were: how chatty Ellie was and how she held my hand without my asking.

More than Black Friday Shopping

When we returned from our trip, Ellie expressed to me how much she enjoyed having one on one time with me and wished we had more of it. This made me really think. Eight is a crucial age. Ellie is getting older where she has her own thoughts and opinions. But at the same time is still a little girl who loves holding her mother’s hand. If I don’t take advantage of her desire to spend time with me and continue to build our bond, I could miss out on a huge opportunity.

Ellie is at the age where kids at school start being not so nice to each other and issues come up. This is the time that I need to be closest to her so she feels comfortable coming to me with any concerns or worries that she might have. I want her to want to come to me with her problems and not hold them in. This is my chance to capitalize on this opportunity and I intend to take full advantage of it! What are your experiences with keeping the door of communication open with your children?

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