Rocco and I went out with a few friends the other night to dinner and to see the Chris Rock show. We started out by going to this place in Pittsburgh called, The Social House which is a Japanese inspired restaurant.

It was our first time going to The Social House and overall it was a good experience. The atmosphere was really neat, with an open front and a large bar area. The ordering part was a little different than typical restaurants whereas you receive your food as it is ready so not everything comes out at once. This was kind of neat since we were starving and we didn’t have to wait as long. Well, let me rephrase that, we shouldn’t have a had to wait as long. So there we are bsing with our friends eating our food as it comes out, and keep in mind we are on limited time because we are going to the Chris Rock show. We get to the “end” of the meal and Rocco and his friend didn’t receive their sushi roll and Rocco and I didn’t receive our rice. The waitress comes up to us and tells us that she will comp it since we didn’t receive it. Great. Except one thing. We are starving still!!!! So my one friend who doesn’t give two shits about anything demands a manager come to our table. NOW! Awkward! Long story short we end up getting the food for free and it comes out almost immediately so it was probably the waitress who forgot to put the order in in the first place. Would I go back? Yes, overall it was good food and good service, I just think it was an honest mistake. Things happen. I would at least give it another shot. Now, if it happens again? I’m done.

Enough about that, on to the Chris Rock show! There was a line down the block to get in because we had to lock our phones in these bags that were provided so we could record the show in any way. I mean, was anyone planning on doing that? I doubt it, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? So into the show we go. There are two opening acts that are pretty good. The second one was my favorite by far. It was a guy from Louisiana who just told stories about his life. I think that’s the type of comedy I prefer. More storytelling than jokes and punch lines.

I’m not sure what Chris Rock’s comedy type is. He talked about a lot of controversial issues and was very abrasive. It was funny but not my favorite. I’m glad we got to go and experience it but I don’t think I would go see him again.  

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