Alright, so you guys know about my slight obsession with attempting to get rid of blackheads, right? Well, this weekend I bought a skin purifying with pore and blemish control clay mask to try. It is part of a skin care line that I have never heard of before but found at Kohl’s, oddly enough. It’s called Altchek MD 5 Minute Clay Mask Renewal Mask. As far as price goes, I would say it was mid to low range. Not too pricey but not cheap either.

Clay Mask Application

The directions say that you just need a thin layer, which is nice because that means I will get many uses out of this product. The mask can be left on anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. This is perfect because even if you are in a hurry, most people can spare at least five minutes.

Okay, here we go, the moment of truth. The texture is creamy, not too thick or sticky and not runny at all. I just used about the size of a quarter amount and that was enough to get the mask to cover my entire face with a thin layer. When it dried it wasn’t stiff to the point that I couldn’t move my face. In fact, I practically forgot I had it on!

I left the mask on for about ten minutes, which went by pretty quickly. While washing it off, my skin felt very soft. I probably washed longer than I needed to because I thought the mask was still on. Once I washed the mask off and after a close inspection of my pore/blackheads, I noticed that they were not as visible as they were before. There weren’t any dark blackheads anywhere on my face. I believe it did work, because not only did it remove the blackheads on the surface of my skin, it loosened up the ones that were deeper down in pores. For example, on my nose which is the worse area for me, I couldn’t see any blackheads but if I squeezed my pores they came out very easily.

I will definitely continue to use this product until there is not one more drop left in that container! And at that point, I will go buy more!

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