One of my favorite local boutiques, Grace Vintage Boutique, had a fall preview party recently to present their new fall must-haves. Of course, I had to go! I couldn’t wait to see the new trends for the fall! What I discovered once I was there, was a little disappointing.

Now, don’t get it twisted, I love this boutique and it wasn’t with the boutique that I was disappointed. It was just with the fall fashion trends. There were a lot of oversized sweaters and tops which were definitely cute and looked super comfy for lounging, but it was just not what I was expecting. I guess I was looking for pieces that I could go on date nights in or even day dates. I did try on one plaid shirt which was cute but a little too big for my liking. I am not a big person, so I tend to get swallowed up and lost if you will in oversized things.

In addition to the oversized tops, there were also a ton of leggings with various details and textures. One pair in particular were super soft and comfy and although I considered purchasing them, I just couldn’t do it because I have so many leggings already!

The other trend I noticed was ripped jeans but the threading in the rips were a different color than the jeans themselves. I thought that was pretty different and I did like them when I tried them on. But again, I have so many jeans, I didn’t feel like I was really in the market for yet another pair of jeans.

Maybe in a couple weeks, when fall is in full force I will return to the boutique and revisit these new trends. For now, I just need a minute to soak it all in and process how I can mesh my current wardrobe and these new trends together!

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