This past weekend my husband and I took a much-needed spur of the moment, kid-free, stay-cation. We are lucky enough to have family close enough and willing to take our kids overnight without it being a big production, so we quickly booked a room downtown. Upon arrival at the hotel, they, of course, offered us an upgrade to a suite which actually turned out to be quite a good deal!

Even though it was a good deal, it was still a decent amount extra that we would end up paying.  When they offered it to us, my initial reaction was to say no, it was not necessary. My husband, the businessman that he is, saw the good deal that it was and took advantage of it! I wasn’t quite convinced until we opened the door of the suite. WOW!!! Ok, he was right. I immediately felt like a celebrity. I actually felt like I was a Kardashian to be exact, as corny as that sounds! It was the size of an apartment. There was an entrance way, living room, dining room, kitchen, half bathroom, and bedroom with a full bathroom. And it had two different amazing views of the city.

While my husband and I were sitting in the living room, enjoying our adventure, we got to talking. Neither one of us grew up with anything extraordinary. We had great childhoods, but we definitely didn’t have experiences anywhere close to something like this. That’s why my natural reaction was to say, “No, we don’t need that upgrade.”

Over the past ten years, my husband and I have worked really hard to get to where we are now. Nothing was handed to us, we didn’t start off ahead of anyone else. That’s what made this experience even better. Even so, I still do not have a full understanding of where we are exactly. I still have the old mentality of necessity. Do we need all the extra stuff or upgrades? No. Are we in a place in our lives where we have the ability to enjoy it? Yes. And we deserve to take advantage of it without feeling guilty.

This is where I have a hard time. My contribution to our success is not monetary for the most part. That is where my husband comes in which is why I have a hard time allowing myself to enjoy “our” success. But when my husband explained to me how my role is just as necessary as his is, it did make sense. In addition to working my not so lucrative child care job, I take care of everything kid, house and pet related. This means anything from managing appointments and schedules to bathing the dog. And trust me, there is a lot of stuff in between! Even though it doesn’t produce money, it is just as important. It allows him to have the freedom to do what he needs to do to have meetings in the evenings/weekends and do what is necessary to produce the money.

So this weekend was a new experience for me in more than one way. More than the awesome suite we were able to experience, was the realization of how much of what I do matters. My husband has told me all of this before but hearing it from him this time, for some reason really hit home. I just have to give myself the credit I deserve and own it!

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