Date Night!


Marriage is not an easy feat. My husband, Rocco and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this June. There have definitely have been bumps along the way but I am proud to say that we have made it through. One thing we have discovered that helps keep our connection, and therefore marriage strong is date nights.

Rocco loves to cook. And he is good at it! For Christmas this past year I signed us up for a one time cooking class. We had a blast! You learn new recipes that are possible to recreate at home, meet new people, and work together to make something delicious!

We just took a second class this week and had another good experience. It was a Mexican theme!  The menu consisted of queso fresco lime cilantro salad to start, followed by Ancho chili lime grilled chicken. Corn and black bean dirty rice accompanied the chicken and we finished up with mexican chocolate lava cakes! Yum!! To wash everything down was a citrus jalapeno margarita! Everything was delicious, the margarita really surprised me. I am not a fan of spicy things so I was curious as to what it would take like but it was not spicy at all. It definitely had a spice to it but it was a good one! Rocco and I were in charge of making the lava cake and we had a blast! Everyone also got the chance to make their own drink so I put Rocco in charge of that and he did a fantastic job!

It is exciting to find something different to do for date night instead of just doing the standard dinner and drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love that as well, but am looking forward to more adventurous date nights!

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