How can two siblings be so different?

I have been aware and noticing something about my children for a while now, but lately I have been learning about and seeing it more and more everyday. I have two girls and I have a sister and in both cases the only thing they and me and my sister have in common is the fact that they have the same parents. So how can two siblings be so different?

When I talk to other people with children about this they say the same thing so it really isn’t very uncommon which is surprising. But what I have realized is that second child syndrome is a real, actual thing. I have seen this is my children and as a result have learned a lot about myself in the process. My older daughter is so sweet, caring, thoughtful, and easy going. And my younger one, well just think of every word that is not those things and that is her! She is strong willed, hot tempered, an agitator, and just plain does not care. From the day she was born she did things in her own time and there was nothing you could do to change it. I do have to say though, despite all of these things she can be sweet as pie, but only when she wants to be:)

So watching my two grow up with these differing personalities has opened my eyes to me and my sister. I am the second child and yes, I had and still have some of those same qualities as my younger one. Some I am not so proud of and have apologized to my sister for being a jerk to her as kids.

There is one in particular that I still possess and have to remind myself of from time to time that I am no longer a child and cannot act upon it all of the time. I guess it would be comparable to my daughters “doing things in her own time” trait. When someone tells or asks me to do something I will not do it just because they said something. In some situations this is okay and maybe can even be a good thing but in others, such as in the workplace it is not and I have to readjust my attitude.

What exactly happens to make the first born how they are and the second how they are? That is the big question. Simply put I guess it is because the first one gets undivided attention and the second one does not but is that really it? There should be some research on this but I have never looked and how exactly would research be done? I guess that is the question of the hour, maybe one day I will find out!


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