It’s official! I am now a real exercise instructor, not just a person who is certified to teach it if I feel like it. I have now subbed a few classes and as of last weekend, I have my own class and my own space to teach it! This is the beginning of an awesome adventure. I am scared out of my mind!

Although this has been my goal for quite some time now, now that it is actually happening it’s a bit overwhelming. Am I excited about doing something that I enjoy and that will eventually allow me to make my schedule? Of course but it doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and roses now. Now, I have to worry about things like, what kind of class am I going to have that people will like? What if I suck? What if I can’t get people to come to my class? What if I get a ton of people to come?

These are the questions that are constantly running through my mind. But the rational part of my brain luckily keeps me calm and encourages me. I know I can do this. It’s just that it is new and anything new is completely scary. Will I be nervous as hell on the day of my first class? Absolutely. Will it go well and I’ll kick ass? Absolutely!

I never imagined myself being in a position like this where people are looking to me for guidance and advice. It’s crazy to me that this is me and my life now. It’s a great place to be but I am still getting used to this new version of me. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity and plan on taking full advantage it. I will do whatever it takes to make this a success!

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