Yesterday was my daughter’s Kennywood day for school. Just to clarify, Kennywood is a local amusement park in the Pittsburgh area. It has been around forever. Anyone that has grown up in Pittsburgh has been to Kennywood and has fond memories of it from their childhood. It is and has been tradition in all of the local schools that at the end of the year there is a day where there is no school and the kids all go to Kennywood.

This is the third year going with my daughter as she is in 2nd grade this year. I look forward to it because I grew up doing the same thing. Rocco did not grow up in Pittsburgh so he does not have the same feelings toward it. But, because he is a wonderful father he suffers through it every year and does manage to have a “little bit” of fun! Ellie looks forward to it because we meet up with some of her friends and they get to ride together.

This year my youngest daughter, Malina who is 4 years old was able to ride some of the big rides which was exciting for multiple reasons. We didn’t have to spend the whole time in kiddie land, the girls could ride together so we didn’t necessarily have to go on everything if we didn’t want to, and we could ride some of the rides together as a family.

One of the things I have realized and am kind of surprised about but at the same time not, is that both of the girls have no fear and love all of the rides! The only problem is that they are on the more petite side in life and therefore aren’t always tall enough to ride some of the rides that their friends can.

This year was a record! We stayed until dark! I was very proud of Rocco for sticking it out and the girls loved every second of it! These are memories that they and we will hold in our hearts forever!


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