Flip Sequin clutch

Having daughters has many great benefits. One of them is keeping up with new fashion trends. Yes, my eight-year-old daughter keeps me cool! She has had her own fashion sense and style as early as I can remember. Probably around the age of 3 years old. So when she introduced me to this new flip sequin thing, I had to pay attention!

First, it started with a shirt from Justice. Then it moved pillows. And then it happened. I saw an evening clutch from Stella and Dot! I knew this was my chance, I had to act on it immediately! So I did and purchased this amazing purse that can turn from gold to while in just a switch of the sequins!

I did have one dilemma when purchasing the purse: I had to choose between the white/gold and black/gray. I just should have gotten both but I ended up choosing the gold because I felt it would match everything. And it does. I can even flip it to the white side and it can become more casual for daytime as well as evening! It is a purse for all occasions, who would have thought!

In addition to this purse, in preparation for our annual ugly sweater party, I bought a sweater that incorporates these sequins. There is a good and bad aspect to this. Yes, it’s an ugly sweater but add the awesome flip sequins, and boom, not so ugly anymore! I may not win the prize for the ugliest sweater but at least I’ll look cool!

I feel like this is only the beginning of the flip sequin trend and can’t wait to discover more items including them! And I have to give a shout out to my daughter for keeping me on trend, lead the way baby!

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