A serial entrepreneur, my husband loves business and is involved in many ventures. Recently, he had the opportunity to become  part of a social media marketing company called Ten Four Social located in Pittsburgh. One of their clients is Jim Krenn, a local celebrity, who used to be a DJ on WDVE and now does stand up comedy. Well, he just happened to be doing a comedy show this weekend, so we had the opportunity to go with the other owners and some of the employees of Ten Four Social to see him perform.


It was a cool experience to be a part of something like that and kind of be “behind the scenes.” We got to meet him after the show and I had the chance to meet the people that Rocco does business with on a regular basis. Another client of theirs was also there which was pretty neat because they are really all like a big family.  Meeting these people was not just fun and interesting because I got to see Rocco in his element, but I was able to get out of my so called “bubble” and expand my horizons.  

Oh my bubble! I grew up in a middle class family and was pretty sheltered. My parents were hard workers and worked to pay the bills. I was never a person that was self-motivated and although I did pursue my Master’s degree on my own that part of me kind of went away when I had children. Once I had my first daughter, she became my focus. All of my attention and concern was about her. Add the second one in and my attention and concern was even farther away from myself and what I needed or could do. It was all about them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is bad in any way. I was lucky enough to be in the child development field and get a job at Kindercare so I could be with them. Now that they are getting older, Ellie is in 2nd grade and Malina has one more year of preschool, I am able to focus on myself again and learn about and develop me again. This process has been difficult and exciting all at the same time. So out of my Kindercare, motherhood bubble I come!

Okay, so back to Ten Four Social. All of the owners and employees of Ten Four Social are women except for Rocco and another guy. Being around a group of these motivated and hard working women was extremely inspiring for me. They were all so nice and genuine which is so hard to find these days. They just made me want to continue out of my bubble and do better. It really opened my eyes to my potential. I am naturally a negative thinker and have been working on changing this. This experience really gave me the confidence I needed to see that I can do more and I have the potential to do something big!

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