My husband turned 40 this month, which has resulted in he and I looking back on the journeys we have taken throughout our lives, both together as a couple and personally. This really awakened me regarding my own personal journey.

During my reflection, I realized how much change I have gone through, both good and bad, in the last ten years. Of course, I didn’t realize it while it was all happening but now, I can see that the things I went through are very common for women. I obviously, had no clue and because of that, I would am going to share my journey with all of you.

I feel that it can serve many purposes. It will shed some light on maybe what some women are going through and provide hope. It will act as a “heads up” for women who are just beginning their journey. It will be an inspiration for women that were like me and realized they had lost themselves and don’t know how to get their life back.

I am thinking this may end up being approximately six posts when it’s all said and done. I am going to start off with who I was when I first met my husband and when we were married before we had children. Then I will discuss when we had children how this changed my focus. And then how it eventually affected who I am and my relationship with my husband. Following this will be when I began recognizing that I needed a change and what I did to ignite this. Finally, I will end with who I have become and how it has changed my life.

I really hope this series will lend some hope, inspiration or at the very least provide a good story for you guys. Remember, the journey is not always easy, but it is always worth it!

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