Lately, I have been noticing a new a trend in tennis shoes and have been searching for the perfect pair. I still have the bright, neon colored ones that have been popular for quite some time now. Recently though, I have been observing that trend slowly dissipating and going in the opposite direction. The trend now seems to be subtle, neutral colors. Mostly with black, white, and gray involved.

I, personally love this trend because they go with any outfit, no questions asked. The neon ones I have now are cute but don’t necessarily go with everything, but I am just not that person that buys a different pair of tennis shoes to go with every workout outfit I own.

So I began my search about one month ago but it was not very successful. I am lucky enough to have small feet, so I am able to fit into children’s shoes. This offers a couple different benefits: more selection and cheaper prices! Despite the extra benefit, I still came with nothing. I could not find the perfect, trendy tennis shoe.

I recently had a birthday and received a Kohl’s gift card as a gift. So I thought, “Why not take a gander at Kohl’s for a pair of shoes?” Kohl’s (like most places) doesn’t even have my size in women’s shoes (size 5) so I immediately headed to the children’s section. There were a couple of Nike pair that was cute but there didn’t seem to be much support. I almost ended my search but luckily continued on to find what would end my search. Under Armour, gray tennis shoes with light blue laces with an orange symbol.

I am happy that I was able to end my search. They are on trend with an overall neutral color but still have a little bit of subtle color. Not only this, they will match all of my outfits!

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