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I enjoy fashion but have not been blessed with a good fashion “sense.” I am not one of those people who can just go to a store and put an outfit together out of thin air. So when I learned about Stitch Fix all of my problems were solved! Stitch Fix is one of the many services out there that will basically shop for you based on a profile you fill out. Once you do this, it magically appears in the mail for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. If this is not enough, they send a prepaid bag for you to return the clothes you do not keep!

You can have a “fix” come as often as you would like or you can just schedule it on your own. Personally, I have tried both and I prefer to schedule them on my own. When they are coming automatically it, at least for me, it becomes too overwhelming. If I have too many choices then I might as well have no clothes because I can’t figure out what I should wear with what! Luckily, with the clothes comes a guide that shows you different outfits you could make with each item.

I have had amazing fixes and then some not so great ones. Recently, I requested one because I had an event to go to and we are going to Mexico so I needed some new digs. I received five items and ended up keeping three. Not too shabby! In my fix were two tank tops, a pair of white shorts, a long “beachy” dress, and a short cocktail dress. I ended up keeping the blue tank and the two dresses. The shorts weren’t bad but I already have a pair of white shorts that I like and the orange tank was just a little too big. What is also nice about this service is you can checkout online and comment about what you liked and what you didn’t like and why.

Even though I have a had some not so great fixes, I will continue to partake in this service because it take so much of the hassle and confusion out of it for me!

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