I know I have posted about stand up paddle board yoga in the past, but I had the chance to do it again and am realizing that it is actually becoming a “thing” now. The first time I did it, I really wasn’t sure what to expect and no one that I mentioned it to had heard of it. When I signed up to do it again and raved to all of my friends about how great it was they all wanted to do it too!

When I did it this time, my two friends joined me, which made the experience even better. What was really interesting to me was how everyone has different knowledge and skill levels but are all able to do it. Originally, I was thinking one would have to have some yoga experience and be somewhat fit and athletic to enjoy it. What I have found was that it is highly adjustable and pretty much anyone could do it but it may not look the same as the person next to you. And that’s ok. Even though it is a group class, it is a very individualized practice and you make it your own. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a certain pose, that’s ok.

For example, my two friends that came with me, one cannot swim but is fit and the other is fit but hadn’t been able to workout for the past six months because of an illness. Their practices looked completely different but they both got something out of it and had a good time! I was actually very proud of them both for trying because it can be a little daunting. Add in the fact that one can’t swim and that adds a whole other level right there!

As for me, surprisingly there was a difference between the first time I did it and this time. First off, it wasn’t the same instructor both times, so of course, it would be different. What I found the first time was that I mainly focused on balance in order to keep from falling off the board which worked my core muscles. This time around, since I was a little more comfortable, I was able to concentrate on the poses as well as my balance which gave me more of a full body workout.

I highly recommend trying the stand-up paddleboard yoga class if you are looking for something new and interesting to do this summer! They take place at North Park, there are five spots available for each class and it is $25. To sign up simply go to http://www.llbean.com and search SUP Yoga.  

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