What is a Wellness Coach? Wellness Coach. What do you think of when you hear that? There are so many coaches out there these days that all seem to kind of do the same thing.Wellness Coach. What do you think of when you hear that? Not sure, are you? I know there are so many coaches out there these days that all seem to kind of do the same thing. Specifically wellness, health, and lifestyle coaches. It can be confusing. When I first became interested in becoming a coach like this, I honestly wasn’t even sure where to start because I wasn’t sure there was a difference. So first, let me start by briefly setting these three apart.

Wellness Coach, Health Coach, and Lifestyle Coach

A wellness coach is someone who helps with a person’s overall well-being. These areas include; physical/health, emotional, mental (but not a therapist), and intellectual. Wellness coaches help to facilitate self-reflection, decision making, planning for the future, taking action to make life changes, empower people to make decisions to improve their health and physical fitness, and overcome limiting behaviors. As you can see this is a more overall coaching that touches on each area of one’s life.

A health coach focuses more on the health side of things, hence the name. They help people to figure out how to eat right for their body to be healthy or manage a current illness or condition. But this is not all they do. They also use the same terms and principles as wellness coaches because of course everything is interconnected. This is why things get confusing. The main difference to remember is that even though a health coach does a little bit of everything they are primarily focused on the health side of things.

A life coach is different in that they focus primarily on things such as career, relationship, and finance. Similar to the others they touch on the same principles and terms to help them achieve their life goals but do not go as in depth in these areas as a wellness coach would.

Why I chose to be a Wellness Coach

After figuring out the difference between these three areas of coaching, I knew exactly which one I wanted to be. A wellness coach. This is the perfect combination of my passions. First off, I love helping people feel good about themselves whether it is physically or emotionally/mentally. I am familiar with these areas all for many different reasons. I spent many years as a children’s therapist which was to this day, one of my favorite jobs and experiences. And now, I am a personal trainer, still helping people feel good about themselves but in a physical way. Also, through my own life journey, I actually took all of these steps to get where I am now. So not only do I have the passion for helping others, but also the understanding and personal experience of what it is like to need a change and actually do it. All of these things made it perfectly clear what kind of coach I needed and wanted to be, no question about it! To get started on your wellness journey with me, just click here!

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