Ziplining like a BOSS!

Another highlight of our Mexico trip was ziplining. This is something that I have been wanting to do for such a long time but never really had the opportunity. Well, this was the perfect one and there was no way I was passing it up! I am fortunate to have a pretty awesome husband who would go along with pretty much anything I wanted to do even if it meant facing his fear of heights.

The ziplining adventure that we picked included 12 ziplines through the jungle and then swimming in a cenote (sink hole) afterwards. Sounds good to me! Done and done. We have about an hour drive to the ziplining location. Once we get there, there were videos of people doing the course and that’s when I start questioning myself. What was I thinking? I must have been out of my mind. Is it too late to turn around and go back??? No. I am doing this. I wanted to do this for a reason and I will overcome my naturally anxious thoughts! And for goodness sakes, my husband isn’t even nervous and he’s afraid of heights!!!

So we get our equipment on, get the rundown on what we to expect, what our part will be, and safety precautions. Then we start walking. We walk up steps that are basically like the awesomest tree stand you could ever imagine as a kid. At first I don’t even realize how high I am even climbing. Then we stopped and I looked down. Ok, I am nervous again. But I just hold the railings and don’t look down anymore, I am good. The biggest part I was nervous about was not doing my part correctly which really, in actuality, was very simple. Hold on the harness strap in front of you with one hand and hold cord you are ziplining on behind you to control your speed.

So doing this once was all it took and the nerves disappeared. We were above the trees which actually made it better because you couldn’t see the ground at all, so you really had no clue how high you were. It was really pretty freeing. My biggest thing was just letting myself fly and not hold the cord too tight which was essentially your brake. It was actually a running joke with staff that helped us get off and on each line. I am pretty sure they all said to me at one point, “Don’t break!”

Once I got the hang of that it was pretty darn amazing! I was flying over the trees of the jungle in Mexico without a care in the world! Now this is a pretty awesome trip!!!


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